What is Hospital to a Healthier Home?

Working in 17 hospitals in Wales, our Hospital to a Healthier Home Caseworkers identify older patients who have housing problems that may delay their return home. Care & Repair teams then work with patients and their families to carry out home improvements needed to enable quick and safe discharge. The service improves patient flow and reduces re-admissions, saving the NHS in Wales an estimated 25,000 bed days each year.

How we can help you in hospital

  • Identify housing issues that may delay your discharge

  • Ensure discharge is safe

  • Enter your home with permission to make assessments

  • Work with your family or friends to arrange necessary changes

How we can help you once home

  • A free Healthy Homes Check

  • Help you access useful services and connect you with our partner agencies

  • Check what welfare benefits you’re entitled to and help you apply for them

  • Help assist you to live independently and safely

We’re here to help you return home from hospital safely. Contact your local Care & Repair Agency and request our Hospital to a Healthier Home service.

To talk to us about the project and its impact in Wales, please email Faye Patton, Project Manager: faye.patton@careandrepair.org.uk

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WATCH: ITV Wales Speak to Bronwen, a Hospital to Healthier Home Client


Evaluation report 2022

Care & Repair have published an evaluation report highlighting the successes of the Hospital to a Healthier Home project over the last three years.

Local Health Board infographic

Our infographics break down our outcomes, including referral rates and bed days saved due to quicker hospital discharge thanks to a Care & Repair intervention.

Good Practice Guide

We offer a consistent high standard of service across Wales. We developed a Good Practice Guide for our caseworkers so that our key principles of integration, collaboration and patient voice are always present.

Infographic - Project Stats for 2022-23

View all the main stats from the Hospital to a Healthier Home project 2022-23.

Award Winning

Hospital to a Healthier Home won the Partnership Award at the Welsh Housing Awards 2022, for its partnership work with the NHS in Wales.

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Patient Satisfaction at 99%

“The Hospital to a Healthier Home service has provided much needed, positive support during the pandemic. Not only has it helped make available precious hospital capacity – where safe to do so – but it has helped older vulnerable people to go back to their own homes, facilitating safer and quicker discharges with rapid adaptations to ensure they are able to stay home to help reduce readmission rates. The service has demonstrated very positive outcomes, high satisfaction rates with positive testimonials from hospital staff and patients and excellent value. It is a testament to the service and its caseworkers that patient satisfaction is at 99%”

– Vaughan Gething, MS

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