From Wear and Tear to Disrepair: The Causes and Impact of Poor Housing (2024)

For too long small wear and tear issues have gone unchecked and unaddressed, leading to large disrepair problems.

Older people in Wales: Poverty in Winter (2023-24)

Even with government support packages, our average client will spend 19% of their income on utilities this winter.

Care & Repair Cymru – Annual Report (2022-23)

Demand for Care & Repair services is at an historic high, and complexity of need has also increased.

The 70+ Cymru Project: Lessons Learnt from Tackling Fuel Poverty in Wales (2023)

This report highlights the successes and the significant learning gathered from Care & Repair Cymru’s 70+ Cymru project.

The State of Older People’s Housing in Wales (2023)

Older people in Wales are facing a housing crisis. This report looks at the challenges, causes and solutions.

Hospital to a Healthier Home – Three Year Report (2022)

The outcomes from the first three years of the Hospital to a Healthier Home project, since going Wales-wide.

Care & Repair Cymru – Annual Report (2021-22)

Our annual report demonstrating how we have improved homes and changed lives this past year.

Attic Project – Evaluation Report (2021)

An independent research company completed an evaluation of the Attic Project and this report provides the key findings.

Managing Better – Three Years of Making a Difference (2019)

Highlights from the first three years of the Managing Better Project.

Healthy Homes for Older People (2018-2023)

A 5-year strategic plan outlining how Care & Repair seeks to achieve its vision and mission.

25 Years of Care & Repair Cymru (2016)

Celebrating 25 years of Care & Repair Cymru, from small beginnings to a transformational Wales-wide service.

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