Our home visits, home assessments, and recommendations about improving your home are free.

This is because of funding we receive from Welsh Government, National Lottery, trusts, foundations as well as generous donations from our supporters.

Works needed at your property, for example adaptations, insulation, and general repairs can be paid for by grants that we help you access. Typically, grants come from local authorities, NEST or special hardship funds.

Funding for some of the help you may need is limited and we cannot guarantee that all the help you need will be free. To find out what you can receive locally, please contact your local Care & Repair Agency.

What if I want to pay?

Care & Repair will always do everything we can to try and find the funding necessary for the work you need.

However, if you would like to contribute to the cost of the work, you can. In some instances, it can mean that the work will be done quicker.

To view the full list of our partners and funders go to the Our Partners page.

Our Partners

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