For too long, small wear and tear issues have gone unchecked and unaddressed, leading to large disrepair problems that harm the health and wellbeing of vulnerable older people.

Coupled with fewer contractors, inflationary price rises for materials and fewer funding opportunities, the options for low-income homeowners to access support are running out.

Care & Repair works every day to support older people living in unfit, unsafe homes in a state of disrepair. Using our own data, we have compiled findings on current disrepair into a new report.

Our key findings:

  • The number of clients that are coming to Care & Repair for support has increased year-on-year:
    • In 2018-19, we provided help to 26,733 older people.
    • Our most recent statistics show that in 2022-23, this increased to 62,607 people.
  • In one year, we have seen a 130% increase in charitable-funded works to improve housing conditions.
  • Care & Repair Agencies have had to add ‘Reduction of water penetration, damp and mould’ as a specific primary intervention measure outcome, as we were seeing an increase in calls from older people for this type of issue.
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Our Key Recommendation: A Safety Net Grant

A safety net grant to rectify hazardous disrepair in Welsh homes will allow older people to live safely and independently at home.

Poor housing affects anyone’s health and wellbeing, and older people in Wales are especially at risk. Addressing poor-quality homes and investing in maintenance and repairs will reduce the pressure on healthcare services by ensuring that hazards to health such as falls risks, cold homes are resolved before they cause injury or illness.

A safety net to fix issues like leaking roofs, draughty windows, and rotting floor joists will mean that homes can receive vital adaptations and access energy efficiency schemes to improve health and wellbeing at home, and make Welsh housing fit for its ageing population and future generations.

Tackling Wear and Tear Leads to Better Health and Wellbeing Outcomes



Care & Repair’s services are vital for the safety of older people in Wales

The Care & Repair movement works tirelessly across Wales to support vulnerable older households, helping them live independently in warm, safe, and accessible homes. Complexity of need and demand volume for our services are at an all-time high and older people in Wales rely on the help we provide.

As we see increasing numbers of older people living in homes with disrepair, using dangerous methods to fix their homes or stay warm, and ending up in hospital due to falls or illnesses caused by the effects of poor housing and disrepair, our service is more vital than ever. We provide a lifeline to vulnerable households that have limited opportunities to improve their situation.

Get in touch with Care & Repair Cymru’s policy team to find out how you can support us.

Becky Ricketts, Policy and Research Officer:


MEDIA ENQUIRIES: For all media enquiries, please contact Jack Bentley: | 07818 554 385

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