How to Choose a Reliable Contractor

  • Have someone with you when you discuss with the contractor what work is to be done

  • Ensure that the contractor gives you a written detailed quotation, describing what work is to be done, how much each item will cost and when work will start and finish.

  • Ensure that you accept the quotation in writing and state that no extra work should be carried out without agreement by both parties.

  • Advise the contractor that you will pay the final invoice after you have had time to check that all work is complete and to a satisfactory standard and that you are happy with the completed job.

  • Ask for a guarantee period in writing.

  • Be aware that in certain trades contractors may require a call out fee before any work is done. Check this with the contractor when you contact them before enlisting their services.

We’re here to help you choose a reliable contractor. Contact Care & Repair who can provide you with a list of reliable contractors.

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