In this guest post, valued Care & Repair partner RNIB Cymru share about the power of collaboration in transforming lives.

At RNIB Cymru we’re proud to have been involved with Care & Repair’s Managing Better project since the beginning, and to have seen it help so many blind and partially sighted people gain the confidence and skills to live independently.

Working alongside our friends at charities like RNID, Stroke Association, and Alzheimer’s Society Cymru has allowed us to strengthen existing relationships and discover new ways of working together to achieve our goals, and thousands of people with sensory loss have benefited from this collaboration.

We bring a wealth of knowledge around sight loss to the Managing Better project, lending our expertise to staff as well as practical advice and information.

We provide training to the Managing Better caseworkers on practical and often simple changes to the home which can support people to be safer and more independent, such as additional lighting and changing colour and tonal contrast of rooms. Our Technology for Life team provide training and advice on all things technology, from using the accessibility features on mobile phones to making use of smart speakers.

By presenting an opportunity for us to combine our services with other organisations’, Managing Better means we’re collectively able to reach more of the people who need us, providing them with more comprehensive and timely assistance than any of us could offer individually and ensuring they can get help no matter their needs.

It’s a partnership that works so well because of the trust we have in one other, safe in the knowledge that we each possess the know-how and ability in our individual fields to provide the best possible support for the people who need us.

Speaking about the power of our partnership, our Director, Ansley Workman, is a member of the steering group. She said:

“We’ve been there from the start of Managing Better, lending our expertise to ensure people with sight loss can lead independent lives.

“From our technology team working alongside Care & Repair staff to find innovative ways for people to complete daily tasks, to advising on the best way to make people’s homes accessible, it’s fantastic to see the positive difference we’re making every day.

“The other charities involved in this partnership, bring their own expert advice and services. Working together we are so much stronger, allowing us to combine our efforts to benefit those who use Managing Better’s life changing services.”


We first met Beverly after she was referred to us through her local eye clinic and put in touch with one of our ECLOs. (Eye Care Liaison Officers).

She attended a free Living Well with Sight Loss course where she was given access to resources and information to help her manage her condition, including the Managing Better programme. On the support she received, she said:

“The thing I found most daunting was not knowing much about double vision or sight loss in general. Having the opportunity to meet other people who’d gone through the same thing as me and getting expert advice to better understand my condition felt so empowering.”

Ansley said:

“It’s wonderful to hear we were able to help Beverly gain the confidence and understanding that’s empowered her to start living independently again.

“Her story is a great example of how our individual services, both within and beyond RNIB, work together to offer blind and partially sighted people meaningful support through what can be a challenging experience. Her transformation speaks for itself.

“We look forward to continuing to work together and helping many more people live independently.”

About RNIB Cymru

Beverly is just one of thousands of people that RNIB Cymru has supported in the last year. We work on behalf of the 112,000 blind and partially sighted people across Wales, providing a range of services to support them.

From our free transcription service taking printed materials and making them available in a range of accessible formats, to our helpline which offers a direct line to support and advice, we’re here for anyone in Wales experiencing sight loss.

We also campaign for improvements to services and raise awareness of the issues that matter most, including safer streets, accessible healthcare communication and changing attitudes around employment.

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