Jonathan was referred to Care & Repair by a hospital occupational therapist for an additional rail to his stairs.

Jonathan lives with his wife in his own property and has multiple health conditions including diabetes, a heart condition, poor mobility, and high blood pressure. Care & Repair’s Hospital to a Healthier Home service was able to help, and a caseworker visited him at his hospital bed to explain the service and obtain his written consent to visit his home.

During the home visit, the Caseworker identified the need for handrails and grab rails around the house, including in the bathroom. These were quickly supplied and installed, which Jonathan and his wife were thrilled with. They now feel that he has the confidence to walk around the home and the garden in safety and without the risk of falling.

Jonathan said: “The practical aids in the home have really helped my independence, and I am now whizzing up and down my stairs and showering with confidence.”

After doing a bit more digging, the Caseworker discovered that Jonathan was not receiving all the benefits he could and was not on the Priority Services Register. Therefore, the Caseworker made a second visit where the benefits and Blue Badge applications were completed and submitted. A full benefit check was completed, and Jonathan was referred for Attendance Allowance and awarded the higher rate of £92.40 per week, with a back payment of over £800.

Jonathan was incredibly grateful for this extra support, he said: The extra money that I now gain from the weekly Attendance Allowance has been a huge benefit to me. I could hardly believe it when I received the higher rate allowance. If it were not for the knowledge and expertise of the Caseworker, I would not even be aware that such a benefit existed, and I would certainly not have had the know-how to complete such a form.”

Jonathan was also referred onto the Priority Service Registers of Wales & West Utilities and Western Power. These Priority Service Registers would ensure he would have help in getting services back live should they have a gas leak or power cut. The Caseworker also gave a carbon monoxide detector to Jonathan and explained to him how the detector works and gave advice on what to do in the event of a carbon monoxide leak.

Jonathan said: “I cannot thank Care & Repair enough for all the help that they gave me. From the professionalism, patience, and expertise of the Caseworker to the friendliness and help from the handymen that installed all my rails. The whole Hospital to Home service has been tremendous and I would honestly say that it was ‘out of this world’”.

Cwm Taf Care & Repair provides the Hospital to a Healthier Home service in partnership with Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. If you would like to know more about the Hospital to a Healthier Home Service, click the button below

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