Nearly 1 in 5 homes in Wales have a Category 1 Hazard present, meaning that the home is in a condition that is hazardous to health. 

Every day we see older people in Wales living in unfit and unsafe housing. Older people are more likely than any other demographic to own their own home, but live in some of the worst housing conditions in Wales. Often living on just a state pension, and with limited options to fund much needed repairs, we see thousands of homes every year where the needs of older people cannot be met due to a lack of resource.  

We believe the Welsh Housing Stock should be a national asset, to keep older people safe at home, reduce social care needs, and protect the housing stock for future generations. 

We are calling on the Welsh Government to implement a safety net grant to help resolve instances of hazardous disrepair in Welsh homes, where the condition of the property makes it dangerous for older people to live there.  

Report: The Impact and Casuses of Poor Housing

Care & Repair Cymru’s new report highlights the serious consequences of disrepair in Wales.

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Care & Repair published its report on the State of Older People’s Housing in Wales, highlighting increasing levels of disrepair in Welsh homes and the challenges older people face to improve the condition of their home. 

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Our ask for a safety-net grant for older people living in unfit housing received cross-party support in a debate entitled Vulnerbale older homeowners living in homes unfit for human habitation” 

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