Falls Awareness Week exists because most falls can be prevented with the right awareness.

Falls are not inevitable, but we must all take simple steps to ensure we are not at risk. Falls Awareness Week is about helping people see the risks so that they can take action. So, please share with your friends and family the resources below, as well as our top tips for reducing the risks.

Did you know?

  • Older fallers are amongst the top three reasons why an ambulance is called.
  • If you’ve fallen once, you are 50% more likely to fall again, with an escalating risk of injury.
  • A ‘long lie’ of 12 hours or more can seriously affect a person’s recovery from a fall.

Public Health Wales indicate that, annually up to 2026:

  • 132,000 older people will fall more than once in their own home
  • 8,100 will suffer a serious injury and end up in hospital
  • 3,000 will need a hip replacement
  • 1,500 will lose their independence in the 12 months following a fall
  • 700 will sadly die within 12 months of having a fall

If we talk together about falls, we can reduce the chances of falling.


Top Tips to Avoid Falls

  • Keep Active

  • Keep on top of Medicine

  • Keep Your Home Safe

  • Keep the Right Shoes

  • Keep Your Feet Healthy

  • Keep Hydrated

Euronwydd's Story

80-year-old Euronwydd, from North Cornelly, had a terrible accident at home when she fell down the stairs.

“They said I was going into kidney failure, that there were cracked ribs, and I had a punctured lung. I was bleeding inside, and they didn’t expect me to last the night. But I did!” With the amazing support of her family and the health professionals, Euronwydd has recovered much of her health and confidence.

Read her story

Spot the Hazards Game

Try our immersive game and see if you can spot all 13 trips hazards. There are many things that can cause us to lose balance and fall or trip, some may even surprise you.

Spot the hazards

Working Together to Prevent Falls

Age Cyrmu

Call Age Cymru Advice on 0300 303 44 98 charged at local rate (open between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday - Friday). Email them at advice@agecymru.org.uk

Age Connects

Age Connects deliver services in both a community setting and at clients homes, playing a vital role in reducing the number of falls.

Care & Repair

We provide repairs and adaptations in the home to keep you safe and to avoid trips and falls.

National Falls Task Force

The Falls Task Force is made up of NHS and third sector members who together are working to prevent falls in Wales.

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