Anthony is 74 and lives with his wife near Rhos on Sea in North Wales. Once a keen tennis player, he now has osteoarthritis that affects his knees and as a result finds steps very difficult.

Here, Anthony shares his experiences and how Care & Repair has helped him:

“About nine years ago I was getting on for 28 stone. We had suffered the terrible loss of a child and never really dealt with it properly. We lost our jobs, we were burgled, and we had to change our lives completely, and I put weight on not really dealing with it.

“I had played tennis as a young man and so I took up tennis again locally and eventually I lost 11 and half stone. I was made a Tennis Wales Ambassador for the sport. I love tennis and my wife loves tennis – it’s been the thing that’s given us a focus since the tragedy.

“Now both of my knees are bad – ones slightly worse than the other and that’s the one that will be operated on first. Until then I have to cope, so I certainly needed adjustments made in the house. It was once a safe place that I took for granted but has become potentially a very dangerous place. So, I contacted a charity called Age Connects and they are the ones that recommended that I get in touch with Care & Repair Conwy and Denbighshire.

“We phoned and they were so helpful and understanding. That phone call led to someone being sent out from Care & Repair. They came round the house with me and did an assessment, looking at all the things that would benefit me and make the house a safe place.

“We didn’t have to pay for anything, that’s the amazing thing. They came round and they put handrails up, they put a second banister up the stairs, and they raised the toilet seat. It’s little things, as it only has to be a small, raised rim of something, and I could go over. If I go over it’s very difficult to get up by myself.

“They sort of looked after me really, in a way no one else had. I’m so appreciative of that. People who came round were friendly, they did the job professionally, and they did it very quickly as well. They have really made my home a safer place.

“They are only little things but for people who have a certain disability they make all the difference in the world. I feel so safe now.

“We then discovered that Care & Repair do wet rooms. We talked about the importance of having a wet room and we agreed to fund the work ourselves. The time schedule was five days to complete the work. They did everything absolutely perfectly. I go in there now and it’s so comfortable, I can just walk in and have a wash in a proper shower.

“The surgeon says he can’t guarantee I’m going to go back to playing tennis when this is done, but I can. Even if I just stand at the net with a racket I will play tennis again, that is my motivation. I think that anyone in any circumstance should take up a sport, make friends and give yourself a challenge.

Anthony recently spoke to BBC Wales about his health and the work that Care & Repair has done to support him.

Anthony’s new wet room bathroom:

The new wet room bathroom


To look around Anthony’s new wet room, you can view this immersive 360 image.

If you want help at home like Anthony, please contact your local Care & Repair Agency

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