Dai Meredith has lived in rural Ceredigion for over 50 years, in the small village of Pontrhydfendigaid. His health is starting to fail, but he doesn’t want to move away from the home and community he loves. That’s where Care & Repair have stepped in.

“Care & Repair has helped me because coming out of the bath before I had to have a step, and I was dead scared that would I lose my balance and fall.” Dai said.

Dai bought his house for just £350 in 1965, and he’s proud to still live there. Care & Repair sent Caseworker Heulwen to see how we could help.

Huelwen said, “For a short fix we put in grab rails over the bath to help him, at that time, get in and out of the bath. But it was still a bit of a struggle, so I put in a referral to occupational therapy with a recommendation for disabled facilities grant for bathroom adaptations.”

A new wet room shower was installed for Dai, meaning he was able to wash without fear of falling.

Huelwen also noticed that Dai’s hearing was not what it used to be. She said, “Mr Meredith has got hearing loss, so one of the things that he was struggling with was hearing his doorbell. So, I ordered him a hard-of-hearing doorbell which also has flashing lights on it, and he can take this and plug it in anywhere in his property. If he doesn’t actually hear the doorbell, he’ll see the flashing lights.”

It was also arranged for handrails and grab rails to be installed in the garden and in the doorways into Dai’s home. This has enabled Dai to get around safely and with ease.

Care & Repair’s Managing Better service has dedicated caseworkers, like Heulwen, that support people with hearing loss, sight loss, dementia or those dealing with the impact of a stroke.

If you need support to keep safe and independent at home, contact your local Care & Repair.

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