“I was stuck, and I couldn’t get up. I was there for about 4 hours.”

Stephanie is 74 years old and lives on her own in Bridgend. She was in the bathroom one night and turned around too quickly and lost her balance. She fell on the floor and became stuck between the shower and the wall.

“I just turned too quickly, and that was it. I was stuck, and I couldn’t get up. I was there for about 4 hours.”

Thankfully, Stephanie’s neighbour came by the next morning and found her. She had broken her hip and had to spend almost two months recovering in the Princess of Wales Hospital.

While in the hospital, Care & Repair were contacted so they could help Stephanie stay safe at home. They were able to fit a key safe at her property and instal handrails along her pathways. “The key safe is fantastic, I have to say. It does give me a little bit of extra security.” Stephanie said.

Christine, a Caseworker from Bridgend County Care & Repair, came out to visit Stephanie and to provide her with a free Healthy Homes Check and a Falls Prevention Pack. This gives advice and information on preventing falls in the home, as well as info on what to do if you fall and how to keep active.

Avoiding further falls through keeping active and having the right precautions in place is vital. Christine has many years of experience supporting those at risk of falling. She said:

“If someone has had even one fall, this increases the likelihood of it happening again in the next year by almost 3 times. I have seen so many cases where clients have lost their confidence after falling. I’ve seen clients who have virtually stopped ever going out, or even into their own garden, through fear of falling again.”

Stephanie had been lying on the floor for several hours after her fall, so it was decided that she should have Telecare LifeLine with mobile response team. This is a loop around her neck with an emergency button that she can press in case she falls again. “It’s not my usual jewellery, but it does the job.” Stephanie said.

Christine was also able to get Stephanie put on the priority register with Western Power in case there is a power cut and Wales & West Utilities priority register in case of CO or gas leaks.

Contact your local Care & Repair Agency to find out how we can keep you safe at home.

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